Google and Fiat-Chrysler Autonomous Driving

Google and Fiat Chrysler will work together on a autonomous driving car. While Google developed the technology for the soft and hardware solution, fiat will work on the Car Parts and Design.

Google says there are more of a technology servant than a car manufacture.

At the end of Last week they ware already rumors about a Google Car and now its public. Google and FCA( Cooperation of the large brands like Chrysler Ferrari etc) will work together to deliver a great experience while driving.

This cooperation involves not only the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid which drives now for Google as a autonomous car, its also the beginning of 100 new developed cars. These cars will drive autonomous with little to no help of human beings. Fiat Chrysler is the Head director for the technical car specification like Horse Power Engine Design etc.

Google and Fiat will not loose time and will open a Office for them to work with. Its located in South East Michigan- Its not clear at this time how long it will take to finish the development.